About Carla Tarfon

Hi There,

I’m Carla. And I hold space for you to explore your deepest, truest self through Yoga and Sacred Circle.

To me, yoga is not about tying yourself into a pretzel. It is simply about feeling good on all levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Like so many people, I discovered yoga to help with stress, neck and back pain which started during school and university studies. After attending my first class, I was amazed at the difference it made to the way I felt. I’ve been exploring all aspects of yoga ever since, and my passion is to share with others the same benefits I experience that stem from taking that very first class almost 20 years ago.

I have completed over 1,000 hours of yoga training in both India and Australia and am a qualified Yoga Therapist, with a keen interest in helping people manage stress and anxiety.

I combine these skills and experience to run Sacred Circles – to uplift and empower women, by connecting to our divine feminine energy.

My mission is to provide you with sincere and compassionate teaching, to assist you on the path of overall wellbeing.

I hope to connect with you soon,