Workplace Stress Management Training

Are you focusing only on the bottom line and neglecting your people?

By looking after your employees, you can improve your business’ overall performance.

Located in Sydney, Australia I provide professional education and training to businesses, teaching companies and their employees to become happier, healthier, and more productive.

I offer real-world, instructional expertise.

With almost 20 years working in the corporate world myself, I have first-hand experience and genuinely understand the pressures and challenges faced in the workplace. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Stress Management, and am a qualified Yoga Therapist. This is not "airy-fairy" training. It is based on real-life, practical and scientifically proven solutions.

Everyone Can Benefit:

This training is suitable for people in all industries, of any age, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds and religions. The process is enjoyable, inspiring and shows immediate results. Not only does this training help within the workplace, but also in personal life.

The Facts & Benefits


Healthy employees are x3 times more productive than unhealthy employees


Unhealthy employees take x9 more sick leave than healthy employees


Presenteeism costs $25.7 billion annually

6 Days

6 working days of productivity are lost per year, per employee, due to presenteeism

So what are the benefits of a less stressful workplace?

Greater levels of productivity
Less Absenteeism
Stronger Teams
Increased Loyalty
Happier, Healthier Workplace
Better Staff Relations
Increased Staff Retention
Reduced Workplace Claims

“Thank you for opening and showing me this world of yoga. I never thought I would be a 'yoga' person but here I am almost 10 months on and it has helped me so much. You're an awesome teacher and a wonderful individual.”

– Toni, 41yrs

About the Training...

What Does Training Look Like? 

These training sessions are all done in a fun, educational, and interactive way!  

A new topic is explored in each session, progressively building upon the information and skills learned each time.   

Key facts and details about each topic are shared so that a greater understanding and awareness is gained by participants.  

This is then further embedded with workshopping, enquiry activities, learning practical methods for managing stress and anxiety at work, and different relaxation, breathing techniques, and exercises. There may be very gentle movement included, but all material and activities covered in the sessions are geared to be done by anyone, no matter their age or ability. Modifications can easily be made to suit particular health conditions if needed.  

At the end of each session, participants will be well informed and armed with a toolkit of new practices to help them manage stress and anxiety.  

Training can be held at your own business premises or a suitable venue can be sourced. It is my commitment to you to ensure that your time and money are well spent.

Training Options

There are flexible training options to suit all needs. Training can be held in any of the below formats:

6 x 1 hour Weekly Sessions

This is the most common and recommended format as it allows the exercises to be used and embedded each following week during work.

2 x 3hr workshops

This is best suited to teams who have the time for 2 extended sessions, preferably over 2 weeks.

1 x full day training

Great for a team bonding experience or to get the most from a single session