Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Online Course

Do you suffer from Stress & Anxiety?

Whether it be from work, family, or other circumstance related, if left untreated chronic stress and anxiety can lead to both physical and emotional illnesses and disease. 

Perhaps you often feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to manage day-to-day stresses?

Stress and anxiety are areas I know all too well. After working in corporate roles for almost 20 years, I understand the pressure-cookers these environments can be. If it wasn’t for my knowledge and experience as a Yoga Therapist, I would not be as resilient to stresses in my life when they present themselves.

What's this course about?

This specialized and progressive course helps anyone suffering from stress and anxiety learn to better manage these conditions with simple practices and education, in order to move through their days and challenges with more awareness, knowledge and ease.

You will be guided and supported with interactive learning and knowledge from a qualified Yoga Therapist, and evolving practices to easily implement into daily life.

You will gain an understanding and toolkit of practices, covering the areas of:

  • The physiological causes and effects of stress and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation
  • Breath and the nervous system
  • Energy levels and grounding practices
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Building courage and confidence
  • Gratitude

Included in this course:

Informative education about each topic, so you’re equipped with more understanding and awareness.

6 sessions and recorded yoga practices, progressively building and evolving upon each other for positive, enhanced development.

Lifetime access to all content and video recordings.

Practice in your own time – anywhere, anytime. Take as long as you need for each section, or jump back into any class as needed.

Suitable for all ages and levels. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Bonus Inclusions:

A free downloadable workbook with additional information to use alongside the course to further integrate the lessons even more. It also allows you to add personal notes, use them as an information reference, and provide additional and modified yoga practices.

Free 20 minute online consult for any further questions, clarification, or practice guidance. Email me directly anytime to make this booking.

Direct email access to me for any questions or assistance.

What are my students saying?

  • Thank you for opening and showing me this world of yoga. I never thought I would be a 'yoga' person but here I am almost 10 months on and it has helped me so much. You're an awesome teacher and a wonderful individual.
    Toni, 41yrs
  • Thank you Carla for this journey. I have absolutely loved every class. I look forward to them every week. We all practice yoga in our home now and all of us meditate. Thank you again for everything.
    Rachael, 43yrs
  • I always look forward to beginning my week with your mindfulness and yoga workshops. A great start to the week. Thank you.
    Peter, 38yrs
  • Loved every week. This course has been so helpful to me...you are so amazing!
    Female, 35 years
  • Your calm, soothing nature is really great and one of the things I enjoyed as part of the classes.
    Maria, 36yrs
  • Very knowledgeable and insightful instructor who carried us well.
    Haley, 42yrs

About Carla

With over 1,000 hours’ training from both India and Australia, Carla is a qualified Yoga Therapist who specializes in helping people manage stress and anxiety.

She is also a Workplace Stress Management Consultant, providing education and training to businesses to better manage stress in the workplace, offering practical, real-world expertise and solutions.

She brings together over 20 years’ practice of yoga, meditation, her training and understanding of workplace stress together for this online course, with the aim of making these practices and knowledge accessible for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! This course is perfect for beginners as it provides a well-rounded introduction and explanation of many yoga topics and practices. It’s also great for more experienced practitioners as a reminder and concise package for targeted practices to manage stress and anxiety. 

The course is divided into 6 classes, ranging from 20 – 45 minutes. It’s recommended to practice them one week apart to allow each class to be better explored and integrated. However, you are free to take as long or as short as you like with each one. 

Simply add the course to your cart by clicking on the shopping cart icons below and you will receive an email with a registration link. Once registration is complete you will receive another email with a link to the course content. Check your Junk/Spam folder for this just in case! Please be sure to log in to your account before accessing the course page.

No. The education at the beginning of each recording is for your own knowledge and understanding. After viewing it once, you can skip directly to the yoga practice or revisit it as a refresher as you need.

The workbook has been created to work in conjunction with the recordings. It’s recommended to have this printed out so you can write your own notes and learnings in it. You can choose to do the modified practices within the workbook, or return to the recorded classes each time. Your choice! 

If you have any questions about the course, please email carla@yogarealm.com.au

Not Ready to Buy The Course Yet?

That’s ok! Here are a couple of options for you to dip your toe in… 

FREE Yoga Nidra Recording

Here’s the Yoga Nidra recording which you can access for free to feel the immediate change this deeply relaxing practice can make! I guarantee you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud after doing it. The course will leave you feeling even better!   

Workbook Download - $20

You can also choose to download the Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Workbook on its own to get a general overview of the material covered in the course and work through it on your own. (But I must say, there’s no substitution for doing this together with me in context within the course and video recordings…)    

P.S. Living with chronic stress and anxiety should not be the norm – it is not our natural state.

Taking the first step is often the hardest, but once you do, I’ll be right alongside you to help you overcome and better manage stress and anxiety in your life.